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intRO Status
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Char: Online
Map: Online
Download Game Installer
A complete game installer is now available for download. The installer will install support for all Ragnarök Online pro games. Available for Windows PC only.

Please read the entire game guide and consult FAQ in case of errors. Additional patches may be required to download after installation.
Installer size on disk: 4.36 GB (4,683,378,688 bytes)

Geffen Dungeon
Good news for adventurers.

Geffen dungeon level 3 is restored and teleport is allowed. Go get them Succubus!

Saint Patrick´s Day
The final leg of Spring Break Jamboree!

This is it! The final leg of the spring break jamboree!
Find the leprechaun, help him banish the snakes, trade with him and get a prize!

The event lasts ´til March 17th, after which all limited spring break items are removed from the Kafra Shop. Get yours now while you still can!

NordGate Express
Train Tracks in asiRO and intRO!

NordGate Express will take you to Market Square, where the events are being held.

In asiRO, locate the train ticket sales NPC indoors in southern Izlude. In intRO, the train station is at the central Izlude.

Important Update
New installer 1.41 is now available. Please reload!

We have packed a new installer with a lot of new features and fixes. It is important that everyone downloads the new installer and installs the game from the new 1.41 pack if you have installed the game prior to 1.4.

We are sorry for the inconvenience the extra download will cause you.
Latest Item
St Patrick's Hat [1]

International Ragnarök Online pro
Renewal server.
Official (1x) rates and a strict economy.

Aggressive Ragnarök Online pro
Pre-Renewal PK-server.
Higher rates (10x) and looser economy settings.

Asian Ragnarök Online pro
Classic server starting from episode 5.
Official (1x) rates and a strict economy.