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Donation Info
Please note, you do not buy items with your donation. You support the server by donating voluntarily, and you agree to get nothing in return. As a concept, the donation isn't a form of trade. Donate only if you want to support the servers, which will be highly appreciated.
However, we appreciate all donations so much that we want to reciprocally donate something to you in return as well. Hence, we might give you Pro-Tokens for every donation you make. The value of Pro-Tokens is not bound to any real-world currency and cannot be used as such. And it is of utmost importance to understand that YOU DO NOT BUY TOKENS! Pro-Tokens are not for sale. We give them as a token of our appreciation on multiple different occasions.
Kafra Shop
There are two types of exchange tools you can use to exchange for items in the game's Kafra Shop. Kafra Points are 'free points' you receive from special quests and events in-game, while Pro-Tokens are given to you, for example, as a token of our appreciation when you donate or for voting for the servers and so on.

Kafra Points are bound to the same account, server and game world you got the points in. For example, you can't move Kafra Points from intRO to asiRO.

Pro-Tokens are freely distributable across all your chosen games and unused Pro-Tokens can be retrieved and re-allocated. Meaning, if you have 1000 Pro-Tokens and allocate all for intRO and then use only 250 Pro-Tokens in intRO's Kafra Shop, you can then retrieve the unused 750 Pro-Tokens and re-allocate these, for example, for asiRO. You can then use the 750 Pro-Tokens in asiRO Kafra Shop.

More details and how-to's are found for registered users.
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