Ragnarok Online PRO - Free to Play MMORPG

Server Overview
Here is a brief cross-section of our game servers. If you want to read more detailed information about an individual server, click on the server description to get to the own page for that server.
International Ragnarök Online pro - also called intRO. Physically in the North American continent, designed for low latency for North and South Americans. Strict economy and official, original (1x) rates.
Asian Ragnarök Online pro - also called asiRO. Physically in South-East Asia, designed for low latency for the Asians and Oceanians. Classic Episode 5. server with classic gameplay settings. Strict economy and official, original (1x) rates.
Another Asian based server, Aggressive Ragnarök Online pro - called aggRO. Physically in South-East Asia, also designed for low latency for the Asians and Oceanians. PK server and looser rates (10x) and economy settings than on the other servers.
How to Choose the Server
If you are not sure which server to choose, you can always ping the servers to find the one with the smallest latency. This allows you to start playing on a server that responds the fastest to your location, which means your gaming experience is that much smoother. Please keep in mind that a latency is the sum of several things though, the geographical location of the server is just one of them.
1. Open Windows Search from the Start Menu

2. Type in (search for) "cmd". Only that, cmd, without apostrophes. Then press Enter. This should open a command prompt program, the black background console that has light grey text on it (most likely something about the Microsoft Windows version) and a flashing cursor.

3. Type in (again without apostrophes) "ping". The console will send four packets to the server and measure the time it takes to get a reply. You want to look at the "time=000ms" part, where the 0's are the actual ping time to the server from your computer.

4. Repeat 3rd part for all servers: "ping" and "ping".

5. Choose the one you have the smallest ping with. Anything below 100ms is good, 100ms-200ms is still playable and for over 200ms you might experience some lag, which could lead to a disadvantage in PvP or GvG.