Ragnarok Online PRO - Free to Play MMORPG

On this page we have written a comprehensive guide on what are Pro-Tokens, how to get them and where you're able to use them. If you wish to manage your Pro-Tokens and allocate funds to your desired games, please log in to make that possible.
What Are Pro-Tokens
In short, Pro-Tokens are the in-game currency you can use in the game's Kafra Shop to acquire goods from the store.

If you're familiar with Ragnarök Online's shop mechanics, the Pro-Tokens are the equivalent for cash points. There are another type of points available also, the Kafra Points, which are acquired in-game from events and alike.

Pro-Tokens can be understood as credits for the in-game purchases. You can then use these credits on all Ragnarök Online pro games worldwide, pull unused credits back the the centralized vault and re-distribute them again to the servers of your liking.
How to Get Pro-Tokens
There are two main methods of acquiring Pro-Tokens, Voting and Donating.

Voting: When you vote for the service in the top-lists, you will get a small token for every vote (where applicable) you cast. This stream of Pro-Tokens builds up slowly to an amount you can get something useful from the in-game Kafra Store. The idea is to vote every day, always when possible, so that the amount of Pro-Tokens recieved is maximised. Only registered users can vote for the server and the Pro-Token compensation is automated. Feel free to try to maximise your profit on voting with multiple devices if you like, though we cannot guarantee the success for this.

Donating: If you do not wish to wait for the Pro-Tokens to gradually build up by voting, you can also support the servers financially via PayPal or Crypto donations and get Pro-Tokens in return for our appreciation. This is a faster way to acquire the Pro-Tokens, and there is no limit on how many Pro-Tokens you're able to get this way.

Referral: There are plans to create a referral system in the future, which would allow a third major source for Pro-Tokens. This is not implemented yet though.
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