Ragnarok Online PRO - Free to Play MMORPG


Updated: 11 February 2022
These are the rules (the “End User Licence Agreement” or “EULA”) we use to protect Ragnarök Online pro (the “Game”) and our users, including you. We've tried to keep them as short as possible, to help you understand how you can use the Game, and to understand any problems that you might encounter. This EULA is a legal agreement between you and us. If you don't want to or can't agree to this EULA, then you must not register, download, use or play the Game or the Website.

We offer the Game through our website at (“Website”), which is hosted by NordGate ( That means you need to register an account to play the Game and your use of Website is subject to the Terms and Conditions Agreement, which you can find from the Website. The Terms and Conditions Agreement changes from time to time, and if it becomes inconsistent with this EULA then, where there are conflicts, the Terms and Conditions Agreement takes precedence.

You're only allowed to use the Website and the Game and send personal information to us if you are 13 years or older.
  • This EULA is a legal agreement between us and you, so please read it carefully.
  • It describes how you are permitted to use the Game.
  • If you break these rules, we may stop you from using the Game or any other services we provide or ask our lawyers to get in touch.
  • The Game is currently in “Early Access” so may still include some bugs or errors and might be subject to change in time.
  • The Game is provided on an "as is" basis.
  • The Game is free to play and offered as is. We have the right to terminate any and/or all usage of our services without the need to explain why.
  • All possible donations are permanent and non-refundable. Donations are not a form of a trade, we are not selling anything. We do not have an obligation to give anything in return.
  • This EULA may change from time to time.
What You Can Do
We're excited to see you enjoy the Game. As long as you follow the rules in this EULA, you can use the Game in the following ways:
  • To play the Game.
  • We do not sell the Game to you, the Game is free to play.
  • We grant you a non-exclusive, personal right and licence to play the Game in accordance with the terms of this EULA and the Terms and Conditions found on our Website.
  • To donate to support the game. We might, but are not obliged to, give you a token of our appreciation in return.
  • Share screenshots, streams and/or videos of your gameplay.
  • Include ads in pre-recorded or live streamed gameplay videos which you share via sites like Twitch or YouTube (as long as it doesn't seem like an endorsement by us).
  • To create pre-recorded or live streamed gameplay videos of your playing the Game which you share via sites like Twitch or YouTube, that you may monetise for example by receiving revenues from Twitch or YouTube, or in creating Patreon (or similar platform) exclusive content that end-users may pay you to access (as long as you comply with the other terms of this EULA).
  • Use upgrades and updates which we make available from time to time (although we are not obliged to provide updates or support).
  • You grant us a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, fully-paid-up, non-exclusive right and licence to use any content that you submit in and to the Game, including the Game Website and all social media channels associated.
Modding the Game
We're excited to see you enjoy the Game, but it's important that you respect our rights, and those of others, in doing so. You are not allowed to modify the game files in any way to gain an advantage or to exploit any known or unknown errors, bugs or alike.
What You Can't Do
To protect the Game and our users, it's important for us that all Game items come from us so we can guarantee their quality and fair distribution, that only we make commercial use of the Game or any part of it, and that other people don't use the Game in a way which is unfair or which might affect our rights.

The following sets out some of the things that you cannot do with the Game:
  • You are not allowed to sell or trade any game content to another person or to any third party in any way, besides the means provided in-game via normal gameplay. Normal gameplay does include announcing trade-offers on our social media. The trading instrument is obliged to be in-game content. Real money trading is strictly prohibited.
  • All Game accounts are personal and cannot be shared with another person or any third party.
  • Don't charge for, or make commercial use of anything which we've made or which is related to the Game unless we've agreed to it with you in advance in writing, or where it's expressly allowed by law (such as under “fair dealing” or “fair use” law) or this EULA.
  • Don't use screenshots from the Game or create streams and/or videos using the Game in conjunction with any other music, video, image or other content that you don't have the right to use.
  • Don't share any password you use to access the Game, or any access to your account, with any other person. Don't do anything (or attempt to do anything) which might disrupt the use of the Game by us or other gamers, or which could harass or upset other members of our community.
  • Don't make anything available on or through the Game unless you're happy to share it with the general public, and it is your own original creation.
  • Don't make any advertising available on or through the Game, or anything which is someone else's creation or image.
  • Don't make anything available on or through the Game which is illegal, dishonest, racist, sexist, homophobic, pornographic, bullying, trolling, or which might damage our or another person's reputation, infringe their rights, or impersonate or trick or exploit anyone.

Make sure you read these rules carefully and understand them. If we are threatened or face legal action because you've uploaded someone else's content, or because you break any of the other rules in this EULA, we may hold you responsible. That means you will need to compensate us and pay us back for any damage we suffer as a result, and for our legal and other expenses.
Our Liability
Nothing in this EULA will limit any of your rights that may not be excluded under law. This means that irrespective of any other terms in this EULA:
  • our liability to you for personal injury or death caused by our negligence is not excluded or limited, nor is our liability to you for any fraudulent representation we make;
  • we are not liable for any possible harm caused by the Game or by playing it. We are not responsible for what you do with your time or with the game;
  • if the Game is faulty (i.e. not of satisfactory quality, not fit for purpose or not as described) when we deliver it to you, we ask you to submit a bug report, which we may or may not address. Please note that the Game is in “Early Access” and may include some bugs.

The Game, along with any updates or upgrades, is provided “as is”. That means we don't make any promises to you about the Game other than that we intend to make the Game of satisfactory quality, as described, and fit for purpose. Though, we don't make any binding promises to you about the Game.

Our promises to you about the Game do not apply if any defects or faults in the Game are as a result of your having altered or modified the game (including using any mods, macros or alike), or where you have used the Game in breach of this EULA.

We'll use reasonable skill and care to provide the Game, but can't guarantee there won't be any errors or interruptions when playing it or using them, or that they won't cause any problems with your device.

The version of the Game currently available at the date of this EULA is in “Early Access”. This means that the Game is not yet complete and may have some bugs and errors, which we are not liable for. The game is provided “as is”, and you play it at your own risk.

Please do let us know straight away if you discover any problems with the Game, so we're aware and can decide whether it's something we need to address in future releases and/or bug fix patches (if there is one). You can contact us to let us know about any problems with the Game on Website by submitting an appropriate ticket.
We can terminate this EULA if you don't comply with it, or for whatever other reason we may seem fit and appropiate, and you can terminate it too by uninstalling the Game from your computer.

If the EULA is terminated, you will no longer be allowed to play the Game. Our ownership of the Game, and any rights you've granted us to use the content you've supplied through the Game or Tools, along with the paragraph about “Our Liability” and “Privacy”, will continue to apply even after the EULA is terminated.
Class Action Waiver
Unless we agree with you otherwise in writing and/or subject to applicable laws, you agree that you may only bring any claim that you might have against us on an individual basis and not as a claimant or member in any purported class, collective, consolidated or representative action or legal proceeding.

This section will not apply to you if you live in a jurisdiction that does not permit class actions or other collective disputes.
Privacy and Data
If you want to understand what information we may collect about you when you play the Game, and how we use information that we collect about you, then you should read our privacy policy.
Other important Terms
This EULA doesn't affect any legal rights you may have under the law that applies to you for the Game which cannot be excluded or limited. Nothing we say in these terms affects those legal rights.

We may not be able to/don't need to tell you about changes to this EULA for them to have an effect, so you should check back here from time to time.