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Updated: 19 January 2022
Welcome to use the services of Ragnarök Online pro - Free to Play MMORPG ("RO PRO", "Us" or "We"). These terms of service ("Terms") apply to the use of all services provided by RO PRO, including but not limited to, games developed and/or published and/or made available by Us, the appropriate websites, online social media channels and other services, such as applications or any other functions of the aforementioned services or any other services RO PRO has attached these terms to ("Services"). These Terms govern the relationship between you ("You" or "User") and RO PRO regarding the use of our Services. By downloading, installing, accessing or using any part of the Services you agree to these Terms and accept to be bound by them. These Terms affect your legal rights and obligations, so if You do not agree to the Terms, You may not use Our Services.

We reserve the right to update these Terms at any time. When We do so, We will provide access to the new Terms on the RO PRO website. The renewed Terms will take effect immediately and thus governs all transactions with Us through Our Services. If you do not agree with the new version of the Terms, you must cease to use the Services.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Please also see our privacy policy for further information on how we handle your personal information and whom we share it with.

1. One must respect all staff at all times. Game Masters are volunteers who are working without monetary compensation, for you. Do not disrespect their will to help you, at all.

2. All harassment and bullying of other players or staff are strictly forbidden. We do not tolerate such behaviour, nor do we take it lightly.
  • For example, skill spamming is forbidden in towns.
  • For example, warp traps are forbidden.
  • For example, setting warps on areas where players spawn in order to send them elsewhere is forbidden.
  • For example, using dead branches or any alike items in towns is forbidden.
  • For example, name-calling, racist or defamatory behaviour or more general disrespect are all forbidden.