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Individual Server Minisites
Coming Soon: Separate Minisites for All Games

It is our plan to create individual pages for all of our games, something small you could check the game details from separately and independently from the other games. We have already created small "Coming Soon" -pages for the games, with the very basic server information on them and the plan is to build the minisites on those addresses (

We will continue working on the minisites as soon as we have the time and there are no other more important things on schedule. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

It seems that most people have not understood the fundamental advantages we have over single-server service. 9 servers, 3x 3 worldwide, is just confusing people. Also, trying to advertise the whole for the people who have used to one server setups, is a pain.

Despite continuous advertising efforts, we haven´t managed to attract people to play. It is not fair for you who have understood the concept and enjoy the servers. And it is pointless to keep the servers running empty.

Therefore, we have decided that there will be profound changes in the servers.

There are no players in euRO server at all. Hence, it is easy to decide that I will keep it as dev server only and host the website(s) on it and I will remove the server from the access list for now. This move does not affect anyone. Having said that, the next moves does affect you all.

intRO server will be only Valhalla for now. I will kill Midgard and Niflheim from intRO and focus on making intRO a pure low-rate renewal server. intRO will continue as one server setup.

asiRO server will be only Midgard for now. I will kill Valhalla and Niflheim from asiRO and focus on making asiRO a pure low-rate classic server. asiRO will continue as one server setup.

We will also make a new Asian PK-server later. This server will be targeted to the vast "gimme it all now" player base the SEA area has. There will be freebies and guild packs and whatnot, and we will use this server also as a testing ground and for marketing etcetera. This will be a new "asiRO Niflheim". We don´t know the name yet, but it will be there - just takes a while to make the changes and get everything ready.

We hope that these changes will make it easier for people to understand the servers and to find us. And, of course, ultimately to attract more players to play on our servers. The server image we try to advertise will change. We won´t be advertising the entity anymore. Instead, there will be single servers - intRO as renewal, asiRO as classic and asiNif (whatever the name will be) as PK-server. We sincerely hope that these changes will bring more players to the servers. It takes time to make everything ready, so please have patience. What is important is for you to understand that intRO Valhalla and asiRO Midgard will stay and will not be changed. Only the names will change from intRO Valhalla to intRO and from asiRO Midgard to asiRO.

It is past midnight (UTC)! This means only one thing: ONLY One Day Left to Wait!

From Download -> Client

(You do need to download the new installer, even if you had the game previously installed.)

Friday, 14th of January, 2022 @ 12:00 UTC

Servers open at high noon, Opening Ceremony is held at the beginning. Events throughout the day with special prizes on all servers.

Registration is already open! Installer download will be made available earlier for swift access when the gates open. PC ONLY!

Stay tuned on Discord for the latest news and updates!


In Asia (asiRO):
Valhalla - 1/1/1 Renewal - 125/70
Midgard - 1/1/1 Classic (Epi 5) - 99/50
Niflheim - 5/5/3 Renewal PK - 125/70

In Americas (intRO):
Valhalla - 1/1/1 Renewal - 125/70
Midgard - 1/1/1 Classic (Epi 5) - 99/50
Niflheim - 5/5/3 Renewal PK - 125/70

In Europe (euRO dev):
Valhalla - 1/1/1 Renewal - 125/70
Midgard - 1/1/1 Classic (Epi 5) - 99/50
Niflheim - 5/5/3 Renewal PK - 125/70
Beta Testing is Over!
GM Wanted
Server Early Access - Beta is NOW OPEN!
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