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For Registered Users Only
We offer the ticket service for registered users only. If you're having problems with registration and cannot complete the registration process and therefore you're unable to leave a ticket, please join our Discord server and ask for assistance in the support channel.

A few pointers to fix unsuccessful registration:

  • You haven't validated your account by confirming your email address. Please open the email address you registered your account with. Then look for the confirmation email our system has sent to that address. Please have patience with the email delivery, sometimes it might take a few minutes to a few hours to receive the email.
  • You didn't copy the confirmation key correctly. Some email providers (for example, Yahoo) does not form a link from the URL address on the email we sent you. That means you will have to manually copy the address from the email and enter it into the browser address bar. Please be careful not to leave any marks off or add any marks to the address. For example, the last mark is never a space that is easily added to the copy data if you do not select the address carefully.
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